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Our Past Projects



Wood and white !

Finalist 2016 National Awards for Housing Excellence & Gold Winner 2015 Renomark Award!

New kitchen, living room works for two adults and pets!

The transformation of this 1975 kitchen started with the request for an updated and functional kitchen space. We designed several options and decided on the large rectangular island as the best use of space.  The cabinetry is high gloss white with bamboo bases.  We lengthened the steps leading to the family room which facilitated traffic flow for 2 adults and 2 large pets!  The countertops are Cambria and Quartzform and the flooring is hard wearing porcelain tile.  The backsplash is also high gloss white, which adds to the brightness of the space!


Cozy fireplace best spot in the house !

Finalist 2016 National Awards for Housing Excellence & Gold Winner 2015 Renomark Award!

New kitchen, livingroom fireplace adds modern look to Riverview home!

The transformation of this 1953 home started with the request for a simple kitchen renovation.  After some consultation and visiting a few past projects, this couple decided to expand the scope to remove as many walls as possible to expand the main living area including kitchen, dining and living room.  The cabinetry is a sophisticated contrast of mostly white vinyl wrap and stained maple as an accent.  The materials were kept light and airy, and the fireplace makes it the best spot in the house! See this project in the media here & here!


A spot to unwind !

Gold Winner 2014 Renomark Award!

Dramatic steam / spa bathroom adds relaxation!

This homeowner wanted his own bathroom space to relax.  The space was daunting as it had ducting and steel beam encroaching into the ceiling space.  The existing door swing and available ceiling heights limited the layout options.  In the end we were able to include all the options the homeowner wanted.  We installed a steam shower unit with lineal drain at one end, body sprays, rain shower head and a shower locker for shampoo bottles and soap.  The color selections were kept subdued for a cocooning effect.  The result is a completely calm space and the homeowner loves it.


A Wolseley Charmer !

Gold Winner 2014 Renomark Award!

Small kitchen with big impact !

This homeowner wanted a more efficient and modern kitchen layout.  The tired cabinets has been painted several times and although these clients has maintained them perfectly, the need to replace them was evident. We created several custom cabinet boxes to accommodate the placement of the plumbing stack from bathroom above.  The finishes were kept light and the contrast of dark countertops and flooring was a perfect match to the styling of the rest of the house. 


A stylish home for entertaining!

Gold Winner 2014 Renomark Award!

Lots of space and plenty of style for this 1976 home !

This homeowner's style was elegant and fun, but the home did not match! When we first vivisted this home, everything was from the original construction in 1976! ....flooring, cabinetry, carpets, lighting! We updated everything! The most significant change was the addition of the large window in the kitchen. This enabled a new kitchen layout with a large island, great for those large family gatherings!


Light and airy!

Gold Winner 2013 Renomark Award!

New kitchen, bathroom, laundry brings the light in!

The transformation of this 1970's bungalow started with the homeowners request for a light airy spaces, with rooms reworked to suit their lifestyle. The house was completely transformed. The work included turning 3 bedrooms into 2 bedrooms with a large master bedroom walk-in closet / laundry area; turning 2 bathrooms into 1; and opening up the kitchen space to connect it to the dining and living room area. This extensive renovation included new finishes for all spaces, lighting and paint scheme. Wow sums it up! See this project in the media here!


Our style is your style!

Silver Winner 2013 Renomark Award!

Matching the kitchen style to the rest of the house was easy!

This homeowner's style was evident from our first meeting. Warm colors and a few rustic elements were telling of the homeowners preferences. The existing kitchen however was completed outdated and had no function at all. Make It Home removed the old kitchen and repositioned everything. We moved the fridge, stove, sink and installed a large island, pantries and display areas. Like most of our kitchens, we added potlights, pendants and undercabinet lighting. What a super result and the kitchen fits in with the rest of house!


Modern couple updates kitchen with family in mind!

Removing walls always connects everyone!

This 16 year old home had a very typical layout for homes built in the 90's. The kitchen was seperated from the dining and family area. Make It Home Ltd encouraged the homeowners to remove the wall and create a large open space. Once the plan approved, the old kitchen was completly removed. We moved the fridge to the corner, added an island and large pantries on opposite walls. The desk space is just enough for mail, phones, computer and a bit of display. The dining area is now completely accessible, with new storage to serve the table. The homeowners love how the family can connect and be together while working at the computer, watching tv, cooking or doing homework on the island! See this project in the media here!


Doing the whole house all at once ensures consistancy!

Matching materials are used in all areas!

This dated home had received no upgrades at all since its original construction. Our gusty homeowners decided it was time to revamp the whole house including kitchen, 2 bathrooms, all flooring, lighting, door and trim and exterior doors too. Doing the entire project at the same time enabled a blank color palette so they could focus on colors and materials that were in line with their tastes. The layout was updated to included a large kitchen for entertaining. The new kitchen layout is well connected to the outdoor space and the rest of the house. The bathrooms all received similar quality, earthy colors and materials! See this project in the media here!


Adding value with with basement reno!

A repeat client wanted the basement renewed to match the rest of house!

This repeat client had their entire main floor renovated by Make It Home, but the basement remained in the '70's. The padded leather bar and cedar plank walls, and wild carpet were dating. The homeowner wanted to update everything and also add a spacious bathroom shower. The bathroom was upgraded from a half bath to a full bath and moved closer to the utility room. This allowed more space for the new bar which consisted of a spectacular solid wood raised countertop. All the new grey-toned materials create a soft modern look. The cedar plank walls were sanded down and restained to compliment the other finishes.


A vintage style update!

This lovely character home gets a new kitchen reno and it becomes the best room in the house!

This lovely charater home had received a kitchen reno in the '70s and it was time for another! The old reno was not at all in keeping with the homeowner's asthetic for vintage collectibles and aged wood furniture and tones. We gutted the space. We moved the fridge to a corner and reorganized the layout to be more efficient and balanced. We added a 12" deep pantry. The open shelves beside the fridge is perfect for the homeowners collectibles. We added charm with glass paned doors for the upper cabinets, lighting and wood ceiling finish. What a great style for this character home!


Removing walls adds a lot of space!

This kitchen doubled in size simply by removing a wall and changing a window!

This dated home had such a tiny kitchen. It also had a small eating area in front of a large bay window. These daring homeowners wanted to explore different kitchen scenarios, so we proposed to shorten the bay window to create a fantastic area for the sink and remove a load bearing wall to connect the ktichen to the rest of the space. These changes revamped the tiny kitchen into a very large, entertaining space with plenty of room for two cooks and several guests. The existing hardwood floors were laced with new hardwood where the wall was removed. The new lighting adds plenty of personally and style to the space!


New kitchen and entry layout creates better use of space!

Warm wood tones for casual living!

This dated kitchen needed a new layout. There was plenty of room, but the back entry divded the entire back side of the house. Make It Home removed the old entry point by adding patio doors off the dining space with new closet. We moved the fridge and reorganized the cabinet layout. We added a small peninsula which has become the main work area of the space. The microwave and appliance garage is placed adjacent to the main work area, right at hand for busy cooks! The warm tones are inviting and casual for this busy family!


Another small kitchen gets a big improvement!

Natural maple is light and airy!

This small dated kitchen received a whole new layout. The old layout had a very small doorway of only 26". The cabinets, flooring, backsplash all needed to go! Make it Home created a larger opening between the dining room and kitchen. We reorganized the cabinet layout and added a pull out pantry for food storage. We centered the stove between matching cabinets that also include 2 storage pull outs. The finishes were updated with new quartz countertops and porcelain backsplash with matching mosaic tilework.


White on white!

White cabinets and white countertops adds polish!

The original kitchen was done in dark oak with laminate countertops. There were upper cabinets over the peninsula which encroached in the head space while working at the counter. The florescent lights were uninviting. The carpet and vinyl were showing wear. Make it Home replaced the flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, ligthing annd plumbing fixtures. We added depth to the peninsula to house all the items that were previously in the upper cabinets over the counter. The look was updated to white for all surfaces with a soft grey classic backsplash for a timeless style!


Whole Home renovation is a great investment !

Family of 5 knew from the get go, they wanted their entire main floor updated!

This 1150 sq ft house received a total makeover to include new kitchen, main bathroom, fireplace, flooring, lighting, ensuite renovations! These smart homeowners knew a complete renovation would be a great investment to their beloved home! We designed several options and decided on the peninsula in the kitchen as the best use of space.  The cabinetry is a sophisticated contrast of stained maple shaker doors for the bases and white vinyl wrap uppers.  The countertops are Cambria with tri-color glass tile backsplash in random pattern.  The floors are new vinyl plank throughout with carpet in bedrooms.   After four months of construction and careful planning and scheduling, the family moved back into their new spaces! See this project in the media here!


Small addition was enough to change everything !

A 30" extension of the main floor was enough!

The homeowners needed more space for daily activities.  The option was to fix the house or move to another home which wasn’t the preference as they felt connected to the neighborhood and the people in it! We designed several options and decided that extending the house by 30” by doubling the floor joists and cantilevering over the existing foundation wall was most economical and accomplished the maximum allowable building area.  Using only one concrete pile, this addition added 72 sq ft of additional space which was just enough to accomplish everything on the wish list.  This extra 30” enabled an island configuration and larger dining area.  Enlarging the entry gave the whole room more space.  This 30” was said to be “a small amount which made a big difference”.  They were able to stay in their beloved home and neighborhood with more room for those cherished family events!


Careful planning creates beautiful results!

A new kitchen, living room, dining room, lighting, bathrooms, floors, doors and trimwork!

This custom built 1985 bungalow was a beautiful house when it was constructed...but the small rooms made furniture placement difficult and too many doors and walls kept the spaces from being used on a daily basis. The homeowners wanted an open space, updated finishes and a layout that enabled the kitchen to be the hub of the home. Make It Home removed several walls to create a large living room and moved the dining room to the previous family room space. The kitchen was positioned in the middle of the space with a handy desk area for the kids to do homework. This inviting home now reflects the personality and vibe of its owners! What a beautilful result!


Whole home overhaul !

A complete makeover for wedding anniversary gift!

This split level home was in dire need of an update. The previous owner had added an addtion on the back of the house, but never really incorporated the space with the original footprint. Make It Home removed the original exterior wall leading to the addition and created a much larger kitchen space. We repurposed a closet into a desk area, added a corner pantry and changed the location of the step down into the sunken living room and the changes were simply amazing! Four disjointed spaces became one great room with plenty of space for everything and everyone! The two bathrooms were gutted, with all fixtures replaced. All was completed in time for a special anniversary party! See this project in the media here!


A kitchen addition creates a kitchen twice the size!

Adding square footage is smart!

These homeowners wanted a larger kitchen for their immediate and extended family gatherings. Their other spaces were just fine but their kitchen was always a tight squeeze. They chose to extend the house only the width of the existing kitchen. This was more than enough space to create their dream kitchen with plenty of room for everyone. Careful planning created an addition just the right size to accomplish their goals. Make It Home widened the opening into the existing dining room and the result is much more cohesive with easy access to all the spaces. We added a heated tile floor for a super luxurious treat!


Warm wood tones for growing family!

Family needs more space!

The original kitchen had builder grade cabinets in a U shape layout and not much for storage. The layout was not efficient as the dining space was too small for table and chairs. The homeowners needed more space to accomate all the cooks in the family. Make It Home removed all the finishes of the previous kitchen and reorganized the cabinets to include a large island with large work surface for several cooks. We added a bench seat by the bay window with storage. We also added several pantries for food storage. We incorporated a treasured furniture piece into the island. This new kitchen works for several cooks with plenty of work space for all!


Downsizing is amazing!

A complete overhaul for home purchase!

This bungalow was in original condition throughout when Make It Home first became involved. Our clever client had purchased the home knowing it would need an extensive renovation. The house was completely transformed from a dated 1960's bungalow to a stylish space with current amenities. Make it Home was charged with the design of all the spaces and all it's installations. The removal of the main load bearing wall and installation of support beam was key to open up the living area.




Another bedroom please!

A new addition to the family results in whole home renos!

This growing family had a great home in a great neighborhood. With another baby on the way, they needed another bedroom. The house originally had 3 bedrooms and a previous owner had repurposed one bedroom for a dining room. The current owners needed the extra bedroom back. Giving up the dining room meant we need to gain space by creating a better layout and removing the main wall. In the end they didn't give up anything...and gained a great open concept space, a bedroom, and plenty of space for their growing family.


Incredible transformation!

Removing a partition wall changed everything

This bungalow was was in need of some updating. At the same time these homeowners chose to remove the center wall to open up the space. The front entry was reconfigured to accomodate a peninsula and the whole space was transformed. Careful consideration of materials and layout created a modern space that functions incredibly different than the original. The peninsula across from the stove and sink is efficient and preparing meals no longer means being seperated from the rest of the family.


Basement overhaul !

The extra room you need is in the basement !

Basements are often overlooked as finished spaces. Basements can accomodate lots of living areas, including; family room, game area, extra counter areas for large gatherings and of course TV viewing. This basement included all the above as well as an extra bathroom and storage spaces. The finishes are light and inviting. We included a bit of luxury with the heated tile floor and a beautiful tiled shower and kitchenette backsplash.



What does eco-friendly mean ?

For these clients it means working with an existing structure versus building new

Eco friendly is a term widely used and has many components to qualify a project as environment friendly. For these clients, eco-friendly means living in an established neighborhood, walking distance to many of the daily activities. It has meant reusing materials from the existing structure, ensuring the new materials are local where possible and improving the energy efficiency of the home including water resources with a grey water recycling system. These resourceful homeowners have a definition of recycling that challanges all of us to reuse, repurpose and recycle in new and inventive ways when it comes to where and how we live. And, of course, it turned out beautifully!


Efficient layout creates more space

Redefining kitchen layouts can create more space and storage than you think is possible

This kitchen was already big in the sense that it accomodated an eating area in the kitchen space. By opening up the dividing wall, we were able to connect the kitchen to the dining room and gain a significant amount of counter and storage area. The new layout is functional and open to the rest of the living area. The dramatic materials creates the wow!


Even small spaces can be grand

Quality materials adds style to small spaces

This condo kitchen was small. It's layout didn't have much room to spare, but by repositioning the microwave we were able to gain enough space for a floor to ceiling pull out pantry. We upgraded the materials and lighting and created a stylist space for years to come.


A true Wolseley gem

A beautiful kitchen for 1911 house !

This tired kitchen had a very inefficient layout; the space was dark and off the shelf cabinets didn't have any style or function. Make It Home designed a new layout to include a new peninsula and large pantry. We moved the fridge and stove to accomodate the peninsula into the space with enough room to have the kids close by when preparing meals. The floating shelves and subway tiled backsplash add style to the space that didn't exist before.


An upgrade kitchen layout provides room for two cooks

and a spectator or two !

This dated kitchen had an unusual layout; there was an unused eating area, no room for a dishwasher, and the space was divided from other areas of the house. Make It Home designed a new layout to include closing up an opening and enlarging a doorway to create a new peninsula. This allowed for more counter workspace and an area to have guest close by when preparing a meal. The sink was relocated from the window to the corner which left enough room for a dishwasher. The fridge was relocated and pantries were installed on either side.


Sometimes, not much is required

Some things are better left as is!

This beautiful nook was the homeowners treasured space. The homeowners wanted to leave the space intact.  Make It Home provided a facelift including new paint and wallpaper on the walls and trim, and new lighting.  The table top and legs were updated to match the new cabinetry chosen for the kitchen area.


New Large Kitchen for 1927 House

An 8'-0" island changed everything!

This kitchen is designed to be family friendly.  The homeowners were craving a kitchen large enough to easily entertain friends and family.  Make It Home removed the load bearing wall seperating the existing kitchen and dining room to create and extra large space.  The old tv / sunroom was repurposed to the new dining room which enabled the homeowners to use the entire space for their new kitchen. Make It Home worked with the homeowner to finalize the floor layout and cabinet design and ceiling and lighting plan.  The beams we installed were drywalled and profiled with crown moulding. 


A soundproofed basement for budding musicians

...and for mom and dad !

Make It Home created 650 sq ft of extra living space in the homeowners basement. The center of the space was planned to be the practice area for the musicians in the family.  The homeowners chose to soundproof the walls and ceiling to minimize the disruption to the rest of the house. The added space included a bedroom, office, TV and music area and three piece bathroom.


Laundry Room Overhaul

This laundry room was completely reworked to create a super functional space!

Make It Home completely overhauled this existing laundry room / bathroom to create an incredibly functional space.  Our work included, moving the hot water tank, relocate the water meter, reposition all the plumbing drains and supply lines, installing new vents for the dryer and exhaust vent, new cabinetry and counters, plumbing fixtures, window and flooring.  The upper cabinet above the sink cleverly hides the gas meter.  This was a significant effort, but the outcome was fantastic! 


A grand improvement for first time home buyers

These homeowners saved $1500 on their property tax bill by improving their home !

First time buyers can sometimes be overwhelmed with the costs of improving their homes.  Make It Home provides cost breakdowns on all components.  This enables good decision making and helps to keep the project on budget.  These homeowners are delighted with their new kitchen.  The installation included removing a load bearing wall, installing new posts and beam, new lighting plan, new appliance locations, new cabinetry, sink, faucet and flooring. The final invoice was submitted to the City of Winnipeg's Home Renovation Tax Assistance Program for a $1500 tax credit!


Chic and Elegant

A complete kitchen overhaul in 30 days !

This beautiful kitchen renovation was completed in 30 calendar days.  The installation included beautiful custom cabinets, granite countertops, moving plumbing, new sink and faucets, new stone mosaic backsplash, new ceiling bulkhead and a new lighting plan.  With careful planning from all parties involved, Make It Home was able to convert this dated 25 year old kitchen to a new beautiful and elegant custom kitchen in 30 days.  Kitchen renos can be exhausting, but with careful consideration, it can be accomplished quicker than you think! 


Modern Style for a 1950's Home

Walls...what walls !

This incredible reno started with a new main floor layout that included removing a load bearing wall, and opening up the entries into the living room and dining room.  In addition to this, Make It Home installed new post and beams and bulkheads to define the new space.  This demo / reconstruction transformed the house entirely, and it's new layout is almost unrecognizable from the original space.  These creative homeowners seen the potential of their 1950 home and created a entirely new house with an open layout and modern kitchen.


Country Home Addition 

Room for a growing family!

This beautiful home renovation included a new addition for a large family room, master bedroom and ensuite. The existing family room became the dining room and the kitchen was moved into the center of the existing house.  Where the family gained a large portion of their new space was in removing the existing hallway.  The extra space was enough to install a center island and large peninsula, perfect for family gatherings.  Installing a new window in the old kitchen space was intentional to take advantage of the morning sun while sitting at their new breakfast nook. 


St.Vital Bathroom

This basement bathroom is simple and luxurious!

This basement was gutted to the concrete.  Make It Home was involved to design the new bathroom space.  The homeowner wanted a laundry area, a walk-in shower and lots of storage at the sink area.  Basements can be tricky because of the location of ducts, windows and clear space requirements of utilities.  The construction of the space entailed leveling the concrete floor, new framing and drywall, electrical and breaking up the concrete to install new plumbing lines.  Make It Home also installed a heating mat under the stone tiles and 4 body shower sprays for a bit of luxury.